Base Camp Trenton is an affordable shared office space, or "coworking space," in downtown Trenton. In our small way, we've helped launch

non-profit organizations, small businesses & even a charter school right here in the city. We're proud to say we're the first coworking space in Trenton, and we encourage you to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit of New Jersey's Capital city. 


Our affordable office spaces come in three types: shared coworking, single use meeting rooms & private offices. We're set up to be a reliable, 24/7 work space for individuals, small teams and those that need a place to work for the day. All spaces come equipped with desks, wifi, printing and free coffee from a local roaster. Click the button below to schedule a tour with a Community Manager.


In our town we say, "Trenton isn't for everyone, but it's always been good for revolutionaries." The quote throws back to Trenton's history, but it also paints the perfect picture of modern Trenton: a fiercely supportive community that throws all we've got behind our neighbors, no matter how crazy the idea. That means hosting city-wide events, making connections & so much more.